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Dream Garage Auctions

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Dream Garage Auctions is a high class site with a first class friendly service. The presentation of my Vehicle was excellent. I highly recommend them.

Gayna P.


We would like to thank Tom from TGE TV for reviewing our auctions platform.
We would like to thank Miss Emma Walsh for reviewing our auctions platform.
Thank you very much JayEmm on Cars for mentioning Dream Garage Auctions on the channel.

How this works:

Sell your car with us

Contact us with details about the car you want to sell. Please tell us the make, model, year, engine size, trim, condition and any other information that may be useful for the auction.

We will contact you

Once we receive your request to sell your car, we will contact you to collect all the necessary details. We will need a significant number of high quality photos. A listing can have a reserve price and a buy-now price.

Auction is prepared

When all the required information has been collected, we will prepare the auction and put it live on the platform. Your vehicle will be marketed through our platform and social media!

Bidding starts

The auction goes live and customers start bidding on your car. For someone to win the auction they will need to have the highest bid and their bid needs to be above the reserve price (if applicable). Listings with a buy-now price can be sold directly if the buyer is happy with the listed price.

Auction ends

The winner of the auction will automatically be notified and charged the buyer's premium for the use of the platform. We will share the contact information to both the seller and the buyer to make arrangements. The payment for the vehicle should be arranged directly between the seller and the buyer.

Buyer collects their new car!

After you have won the auction, you can meet the seller and pick up your new car! Get ready to go drive to some awesome countryside B-Roads!

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