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Frequently Asked Questions

when you are selling a car

Yes, it is free to list your car with us and sell it through an auction. There may be some charges for extra services, like professional photography, special marketing etc. We will not charge you for listing your car

This platform specialises in special cars with character. We will list any car that has had some driving significance. All supercars, sportscars, high-end luxury cars etc. will qualify, but we are also looking for other cars. For example, although a base Ford Fiesta might not be able to qualify, a Ford Fiesta ST does have the character to join us! Feel free to send us your make and model and we will let you know if we can list it.

In order to list a vehicle, it has to be able to be sold. We will discuss with you and try to find what is the best reserve price for your vehicle and its condition. We will not list vehicles with unrealistic reserve price.

Listing your car through our platform increases the chances to be seen by the right customers. We require that during the period that the vehicle is listed through us, it will not be sold anywhere else. In the case the car is sold outside the platform during the listing period there will be a penalty of 15% of the reserve price (or any other value agreed upfront). The seller is legally bound to sell the car to highest bidder.

We will require a significant number of photos, including those of any imperfections to allow bidders to be as informed as possible. We will also require as much service history as possible, as well as proof of ownership before we can release a listing.

As the seller it is your responsibility not to mislead bidders, should bidders who view the vehicle report that the vehicle is seriously mis-described, then the auction will be cancelled and the seller will be prohibited from future listings.

Absolutely, we can apply a reserve to any listing. The reserve price has to be realistic for us to list your vehicle. We will discuss the value with you before the vehicle is listed.

Yes please, many bidders will want to see the vehicle before placing a bid.

If this happens please contact us at and we will find the best possible solution.

Some times we can offer the vehicle to the second highest bidder but this depends on the specific circumstances.

Prospective buyers must make a payment of £0.30 before they are eligible to bid so we can verify they are genuine bidders.

Definitely, you have to approve the listing before we put it live.

No, self bidding, or getting friends/family to bid with no intention of buying is against our terms of service. If we notice fake bids from the seller, the auction will be cancelled, the seller will be charged with a penalty and banned from our platform, as per our Terms & Conditions.

No, while an auction is running or marked as coming soon, the vehicle cannot be sold by any other means. For further detail please see our Terms and Conditions.

We offer two types of auctions.

The classic auction, where the vehicle will be listed on auction with a specific end date. Once the date is past the auction ends. In the case where a car might not go above reserve and sell, we offer the ability to re-list with a few days gap.

The other format is called "continuous auction". The auction starts only after someone has bid above the reserve price. More info in the next FAQ,

Your vehicle will be listed on our website as an active auction without an end date. Buyers will be able to bid as with a normal auction. When someone bids over the reserve price, then the auction will have an end date of 3 days later. The car will be sold to highest bidder after the 3 days period.

There will be an agreed minimum period that the car needs to stay in the platform. After that period the car will be able to be withdrawn be the seller.

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